It wasn't so long ago that our problem was overtourism, with many industry debates dedicated to assessing the negative impact of mass tourism on destinations, particularly their inhabitants.  And here suddenly our world has been turned upside down. After a complete collapse of our business, we are beginning to live and work in a state of 'new normalcy'. Several trends, including digitalisation, sustainability and the increased need for security which appeared to be the future of our industry, have now become very relevant. To stimulate demand for travel and business services, we are listening to the expectations of our customers and partners. What are they saying now ? Do they trust us ? What do they expect ?  We are looking to the future of the tourism and meetings industry.
That is why we invite you to participate in the SPOTLIGHT ON POLAND conference, during which we will present a holistic approach to tourism in Poland, Polish tourism products, tourists, partners and suppliers.
We invite hosted buyers from Europe, interested in learning about the new, sustainable face of Poland, new products, presentation of good practices and, above all, willing to share their opinions and experiences with us.
Of course, we also invite Polish operators, organisers and attraction owners who would like to present their products in one of the three areas:
  • Family & friends tours
  • Sports & cultural events
  • Meetings & business travel
Please send your application using the online form

Poland is situated in the centre of Europe. It represents in many ways a bridge between Eastern and Western part of continent and this is reflected culturally in its charming mix of modern city skylines and traditional village based culture.
Poland has a good access to the Baltic Sea and is located at the crossroads of import and transit routes, that enhance the development of country’s economy, trade and all sorts of international relations. Poland is the largest of the East European countries which joined the European Union in May 2004
Poland is a stable democracy with truly fascinating history, great cultural heritage and wonderful natural areas. Polish cities are sure to welcome tourists with a plenty of things to see and do, offering distinctive sights and rich cultural programs. Whether you are into museums or kite-surfing, sleeping by the Masurian Lake, folk crafts or fine dining, dancing in a bar, or listening to classical music in an ancient church, you will not be disappointed.

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