Lublin - city of inspiration

Lublin is the largest city to the east of the Vistula river, located about 170 km southeast of Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. Lublin, by some called a small Krakow, has an ancient architecture and a unique atmosphere, especially in the Old Town. Students make up to 35% of the population here, so the city is vibrant with numerous clubs and music venues. Lublin - the capital city of Lubelskie Voivodship is currently one of the most dynamically developing regions in Eastern Europe.

That is why Lubelskie Voivodship may be an example for other Eastern European regions. This region has made a tremendous use of its competitive advantage resulting from the potential of smart specialization:
  • bio-economy - the key intelligent specialization of the voivodship, covering all types of the economic activity based on biotechnologies, especially vegetable and animal production, feed and food processing and pharmaceuticals
  • medicine and health - the main directions of development in this area include: technologies / research and development for teleoptics, telemedicine, e-health, pharmacogenomics, diagnostics and gene therapy, bioinformatics, minimally invasive surgery or nanotechnology applications in medicine
  • low emission energy - the conditions of the Lubelskie Voivodship positively influence the development of investments, e.g. in the field of clean fossil technologies, bioenergy production, development of intelligent energy systems
  • IT and automation - specialization focused on the needs of the previous three. Its growth is supported by the increasing internal potential, including the scientific potential of optoelectronics and photonics, a large number of students and graduates in the fields related with computer science and automatics as well as an increasing number of companies operating in the fields of computer science and automatics.
The development of smart specialization is possible thanks to synergies of business and science. There are 9 higher education institutions in Lublin, which are open to innovative undertakings. Lubelskie Voivodship is a dynamically developing region on the map of the Polish convention industry. In the very center of Lublin, there are more than 7,000 square meters of a design convention space consisting of the Lubelskie Conference Center and the Culture Meeting Center. The potential of the city also reflects the development of the hotel infrastructure. 6 new hotel investments in the city center have been announced. Lublin is also a city with a rich cultural offer, as the official slogan says - City of Inspiration. In 2017, Lublin celebrates its 700th anniversary of city rights. All the cultural events and festival life of the city are subordinated to these celebrations. Around 30 Polish and international festivals take place each year in Lublin, just to mention events such as Carnaval Sztukmistrzów (Carnival of Masters), Noc Kultury (Night of Culture), European Festival of Taste or Festival of East Culture - Inne Brzmienia Art'n'Music Festival.